"Insider Her Fantasy" Chapter - Prints Bundle


Bundle comes with 5 prints and features illustrations inspired by Taylor Swift songs: Wonderland, Out of the Woods, Haunted, and Blank Space. See other listings to purchase prints individually.

Bundle One comes with:
8in x 10in "Wonderland"
5in x 7in "Dagger"
6in x 6in "Out of the Woods"
4in x 4in "Haunted"
4in x 4in "Blank Space"

Bundle Two comes with:
4in x 4in "Wonderland"
4in x 4in "Out of the Woods"
4in x 4in "Haunted"
4in x 4in "Blank Space
5in x 7in "Dagger"

Prints cannot be customized or swapped. Bundle one is originally a $69 value and bundle two is originally a $47 value.

Message me if you have any further questions about the bundle.